Christmas Gift Guide: From Women-Owned Small Businesses

It’s that time of year again. As winter approaches we grab our cosy jumpers, guzzle hot chocolate, arrange movie nights in and BAM, the man in red is on his way. In an attempt to avoid the dreaded December stress and empty shelves, I’ve started my Christmas shopping early. Even better, I’ve done the majority online from small businesses founded by women.

Did you know that only 5.6% of UK women have successfully started their own business, compared to 11.2% of UK men?

These statistics are taken from The Rose Review of Female Entrepreneurship conducted by the UK Government in 2014. No matter what people say, misogyny still exists in the UK meaning women face more challenges and barriers on their entrepreneurship journey than men do. Couple that with the devastating impact of the global pandemic on all small-businesses, these past few years must have been a nightmare. It’s now more important than ever that we support our sisters, and what better time to start than in the festive season.

Here are 7 of my favourite women-owned small business’ that I discovered in 2021:

(I have been a loyal customer to some since 2020, but did that year really exist anyway?)

*Discount codes are provided for some of these brands from previous collaborations (because who doesn’t want to save money?) but this gift guide is not part of an advertisement. I just genuinely love these products!

1. Oh My Gold LDN

Photographs copyright of Oh My Gold LDN.

Oh My Gold LDN is a brand showcasing handcrafted, bespoke metallic portraits and prints. Founded and ran completely by Jade, a creative genius, these gifts are sure to put a smile on your loved ones face. Jade is super friendly and more than happy to answer any queries over on their Instagram or visit their FAQ page.

“Oh My Gold LDN are symbolic of my desire to create diverse, empowering, uplifting, beautiful and accessible art for all”- Jade.

2. Incollection UK

First 2 photographs copyright of Incollection UK.

Incollection UK is a relatively new brand. Stephanie set up her Etsy shop back in January and has been creating new, beautiful products each month to add to her already vast collection of inclusive fashion, accessories and custom gifts. Stephanie designs and creates these pieces independently from her own home. You can find out more about Stephanie (probably one of the kindest people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting online) and her products over on her Instagram.

“I started Incollection UK in January this year. I wanted to create a brand that represented all bodies and celebrate feeling good in the body you have. The media constantly throw in our faces that we are not good enough. So Incollection UK is a brand that celebrates you.”- Stephanie.

For 10% off all orders, use code KAYLEIGH10.

3. OneOhSix

Photographs copyright of OneohSix.

Guaranteed, the homeware I get the most compliments on are those from OneOhSix. This brand is the work of Casey-Rae, a woman with such amazing taste and talent, specialising in up-cycled and pre-loved furniture, and additional home accessories and gifts. If I could, I’d buy it all. With each piece, I feel I’m one step closer to the ultimate Insta-worthy home. You can find OneOhSix on their website, Etsy store and Instagram.

4. Novo Candles

Photographs copyright of Novo Candles.

I know I sound dramatic when I say this but… I’ve never smelled candles quite like these ones! Keely, the creator behind the amazing Novo Candles, started this passion project to share the scents from her childhood memories growing up in the countryside. These hand-poured aromatherapy candles don’t only make your home smell beautiful but are great for your wellness and completely sustainable. Browse Novo Candles products on their website, Etsy store and Instagram. (P.S. The Christmas collection has just launched too!).

“From blackberry picking to baking apple pies, the scents I choose are all inspired by those memories. I always struggled to find scents inspired by these memories surrounding nature that also helped with my wellness. That’s why Novo was born. These familiar smells help me to stay in the moment and remind me to take care of myself.”- Keely

For 10% off all orders use code KAYLEIGH10.

5. Lytton Rose Botanical

Photographs copyright of Lytton Rose Botanical.

Dried flowers and vintage home décor from Snowdonia, UK, to your front door. Dried flowers are all the range and I completely understand the hype. Beautiful, low-maintenance and so pretty- I’m obsessed by everything Lytton Rose Botanical have on offer. Paula, the creative behind this beautifully unique brand, prides herself on ensuring every single product is developed sustainably and handmade with love. You can find them over on their website, Etsy and Instagram.

“I am a Snowdonia based designer and crafts-woman and have been creating and designing at a professional level for the last 16 years. Originally trained in fashion and textile design, I have a keen sense of trend, design, colour, form and structure and have a passion for flowers in every form; from seed, to their finished form, back to seed.”- Paula.

6. LYNA London

Photographs copyright of LYNA London.

LYNA London launched in July 2021 and have already taken the internet by storm. Founded by two sisters, LYNA London is an affordable jewellery brand allowing everyone to experience that little piece of luxury we deserve. The range of products available is mesmerising, the packaging is beautiful and I can guarantee there’s something to suit everyone’s taste. Have a browse over at their website and Instagram.

7. Inspiring by Emma

Photographs copyright of Inspiring by Emma.

Emma is an amazing artist who helps me to make my family smile several times a year with her hilarious and super cute handmade greeting cards. Inspiring by Emma is now my go-to for cards throughout the year. They’re so beautiful, high-quality and thoughtful as you choose a card based on your friends and families favourite movies and characters. You can find Emma’s massive selection of cards over at her Etsy store and Instagram.

“Made with a sprinkling of fairy dust”- Emma.

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