50 Things That Scare Me More Than Halloween

Halloween, witches, devils, vampires, zombies, it’s all pretty scary stuff, but these things scare me more than Halloween ever will…

  1. The dark.
  2. The Tory’s proposed ‘Policing Bill‘ which would lead to harsher penalties for damaging a statue of a man, than for attacking a woman.
  3. The fact that 73,223,369 people actually voted for Donald Trump to become president.
  4. Global warming.
  5. Britney Spears being under a conservatorship and having her rights taken away from her for 13 whole years before anyone did anything about it.
  6. Trainspotting the movie (When the baby is on the ceiling? You know the part).
  7. How the pandemic has taken over our lives, but we’d never heard of it back at the start of 2019.
  8. The fact that 84% of women in the UK are on hormonal contraception despite horrific side effects like Depression and increased risk of Breast Cancer, yet male contraception is yet to be approved just in case it “blunts sex drive or reduces erections”.
  9. Other people tagging me in Facebook photos unexpectedly.
  10. Losing my job.
  11. The fact that society has normalised dressing up as a “naughty school girl” as though that isn’t completed perverted.
  12. People who don’t like reading.
  13. It’s getting colder so spiders will be trying to join our lovely warm homes, rent-free.
  14. People that refuse to use others’ preferred pronouns.
  15. Using a toilet away from home that refuses to flush.
  16. The fact that there’s no barriers to stop us falling on to train tracks.
  17. Misogyny.
  18. That UKIP even exist.
  19. The energy bill increase.
  20. That Zoe and Zoey are pronounced the same but Joe and Joey aren’t, and nobody is questioning it.
  21. Homophobia.
  22. What is happening over in Afghanistan.
  23. Every single one of the Redhanded podcast episodes.
  24. People who snoop on your social media but don’t actually follow you.
  25. “Charities” who don’t give money to the actual cause.
  26. People who spit on the floor as they walk.
  27. How underpaid nurses are.
  28. The fact that people take drugs without knowing exactly what’s in them.
  29. When it’s dark outside but you’re in the house, so people can see you but you can’t see them.
  30. How small and insignificant we are in the grand scheme of things.
  31. Standing on a plug.
  32. The fact that there’s more publicity for Caucasian victims of crime than there is for other ethnicities.
  33. Photoshop, filters and editing used purposely to be mistaken as reality.
  34. Racism.
  35. People who don’t like cats.
  36. In the year ending March 2020, 5.5% of people aged 16-74 in England and Wales experienced domestic abuse.
  37. When your Netflix ‘Continue Watching’ list is endless with no way to erase it.
  38. Toxic diet culture.
  39. Losing my friends and family.
  40. Walking home alone, especially in the dark.
  41. The fact that Johnny Depp has been accused of 14 assaults, with 12 of them being proved on the balance of probability, yet people still gush over him on the new Dior advert.
  42. Listening to my own voice back.
  43. Monday mornings.
  44. Going to the dentist.
  45. Terrorism.
  46. Saying something to offend someone (of course, completely by accident).
  47. The fact that there aren’t enough hospital beds in UK hospitals and we aren’t yet in the always difficult winter months.
  48. The noise of gun-fire and shouting (when the men in my family are gaming).
  49. The fact that gun-fire and shouting is some people’s reality.
  50. That this list was actually rather easy to write… scary.


2 thoughts on “50 Things That Scare Me More Than Halloween

  1. Great post, that makes people think about something that they might otherwise ignore! Many times people create their own stories as they don’t want to face reality in life, or like how certain situations in their life turned out. We search for the truth and find out we don’t know who to believe anymore. People hear and see what they want to. A couple of things that scare me are that Polar bears can become extinct and our grandchildren might not have a world to live in. Thank you for posting all 50 of these topics and I hope some people take these seriously and do something to see life differently with better solutions.


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