EFT With The Anti-Burnout Club

For World Mental Health Day the Anti-Burnout Club are offering everyone 21 days FREE access to their online courses and stand-alone classes, when you sign up today. This platform is a hub for all things mental health and wellbeing; from yoga and nutrition advice to breathing techniques, sleep stories and confidence workshops. I’ve just completed an EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) course with them and I already can’t wait to dive straight in to something new.

My EFT Journey

Prior to starting this course, I hadn’t heard of EFT before. My knowledge of Emotional Freedom Techniques started and ended with “it’s something about tapping”. During this course our wonderful teacher, Aga, taught us what it is, how to do it and why it works. I’d encourage everyone to join the course to find out more about this technique but, if you’re still not convinced, let me tell you a little bit more…

EFT, or EFT tapping, is a practical self-help method that combines using acupressure points with psychological therapy techniques for emotional healing and stress-management. The pressure points used are in the face and upper body and we’re encouraged to steadily and gently tap them as we work our way through the process of reminding ourselves of an event, acknowledging our emotions from this and adapting our behaviour to manage this emotion. I could have completed this course as a mental health nurse, taking this education forward in my career only, but we’re humans too and so I completed this course with a real problem in mind.

Sometimes, when people feel low or anxious they think about the same thing over and over again. This is called rumination. For me when I’m feeling particularly anxious, which usually goes hand-in-hand with stress, my rumination replays events and conversations I’ve had throughout the day, making me doubt my reactions and behaviours and wonder what others think about me. Did I say the right thing? I wonder if I sounded stupid or incompetent then. Did I offend them? Should I have acted differently? Rumination for some people can be debilitating. We need to find coping skills that work and lock them away in our mental health toolbox until we need them again. My toolbox is full of useful tools, some I use regularly and some I haven’t used in years, and EFT is another to add to my collection. We know that there is no magic pill to take stress and worry away for us, but I’ve found that in regards to the physical sensations of anxiety EFT can do exactly that.

Woman Wearing Hijab Looking at Camera

EFT tapping has been proven to have a calming affect on the Amygdala and Hypothalamus (the parts of the brain that have many responsibilities, one of which is managing our emotions). It’s also been proven to affect our hormone production, making us produce less cortisol (stress hormone) and therefore, reducing our anxiety levels.

The course over on The Anti-Burnout Club includes the following:-

  • Introduction to EFT Tapping
  • 3 minute Tapping for Stress
  • EFT for Overwhelm
  • Tapping for Happiness
  • Tapping Before Bed

If this doesn’t sound up your street, there are so many other options to choose from. A lot of the courses are available to work through at your own pace as well as daily live lessons. I can guarantee you’ll find something useful, and what better day to start prioritising your mental health than on World Mental Health Day (and for free too).

So, HAPPY WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY. Our mental health is something to be celebrated, treasured and cared for. I hope you find something from this platform to make you that little bit happier or your life that little bit easier.

Click here to sign up for 21 days free (sign-up only available on World Mental Health Day- 10th October 2021). See more from The Anti-Burnout Club here.

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